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Patented technologies and analytics make you smarter before, during and after every trade

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Our advanced data science generates actionable insights so you can pinpoint your next trading opportunity.

  • Pre-trade insights connect real-time natural buyers and sellers.
  • Recommendation tools identify the dealers and clients who can optimize participation.
  • Similar bonds functionality generates actionable new trade ideas.
  • AI-targeted participation reduces information leakage.

Next-level corporate bond trading intelligence

  • Analyzes real-time buy- and sell-side indications of interest
  • Helps buy-side participants select dealers
  • Leads dealers to natural trading partners
  • Uncovers opportunity for price improvement


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Cloud Match Scores: Identify and assess real-time contra-interest for your bonds.

Pre-trade pricing: Combines Liquidity Cloud and platform activity data to offer unique pre-trade transparency.

Dealer selection analytics: Dealer selection tools for buy-side clients based on the dealer’s axe and interest within their client network.

Client recommendation engine: Dealers can identify and connect natural buyers and sellers within their entire client network.

Similar bonds: Identify bonds with similar characteristics that have real-time contra-interest for your direction, size, and price. Assess the Cloud Match Scores of similar bonds to generate actionable new trade ideas and capture relevant opportunities.

The Stack®: Provides committed trade participants with rich post-trade data including insights on real-time market depth, price improvement, and unfilled liquidity. The data is saved and accessible to participants at any time.


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