Introducing LTX’s generative AI application for corporate bond trading.

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BondGPT – powered by OpenAI GPT-4 – answers bond-related questions and assists users in their identification of corporate bonds on the LTX platform.

BondGPT users can:

  • Use natural language to search for bond-related queries
  • Leverage LTX’s patent-pending bond similarity technology
  • Benefit from data timeliness and accuracy
  • View robust, dynamic charting and graphing

BondGPT is unlocking the elusive corporate bond market. All in the palm of your hand. Join the waitlist.


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BondGPT is powered by OpenAI GPT-4 in conjunction with bond and liquidity data driven by LTX’s proprietary models:

  • Details on 20,000+ bonds
  • Patent-pending bond similarity model
  • Liquidity information
  • Proprietary dealer selection analytics

BondGPT uses generative AI to simplify workflows and drive efficiency:

  • Informs and expedite vital pricing decisions
  • Facilitates counterparty selection
  • Broadens liquidity access
  • Enhances the often-complex bond selection and portfolio construction processes

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