RFX® Trading Protocol

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RFX is moving the corporate bond market forward, providing transparency and aggregating liquidity to help you trade smarter.

  • Aggregate liquidity. Dealers can pool liquidity from multiple counterparties across their network.
  • See the Stack® develop. Monitor real-time price formation.
  • Reduce information leakage. Information flow is limited to committed trade participants.
  • Gain unparalleled transparency. Committed participants get a real-time window into market depth, price improvement, and unfilled liquidity.

The next-gen protocol that facilitates price improvement

  • RFX begins with a participant entering a firm order for a fixed time period.
  • Host dealer shares the firm order with select clients using LTX AI.
  • Each invited client can enter a firm, executable bid/offer at their desired size.
  • All bids/offers are visible to the initiator, host dealer, and any invitee that has submitted a bid/offer within market context, allowing for price discovery and price improvement.

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