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Fixed income trading changed forever with the introduction of LTX—the next-gen platform that empowers institutional investors to trade smarter with their dealers.

Right now, portfolio managers and traders are using LTX and its AI-powered tools to achieve the ultimate best execution.

Join these market leaders to see how you can gain a new level of intelligence, liquidity, and execution for corporate bond trading.

It all starts with transparency.

As a portfolio manager, I want to get the best market price for the bonds I’m selling.

But trading over the phone is slow and frustrating. LTX lets me trade smarter with my dealer—so I don’t have to settle for the first or only price.

It brings to life what I can’t see with voice or RFQ. Now, I watch bids in real-time—and see how my dealer fills orders across multiple buyers. With LTX, I get better best execution.

There are times I need to be aggressive, but I’ve got no desire to overpay to get the bonds I need. With LTX, I don’t have to bid in the dark.

It’s the only platform with a complete view of market dynamics and the tools to bid however I choose, so I can get the ultimate best execution.

I tell LTX my best price and the platform tools do the rest. Its powerful capabilities allow me to automatically bid up to that level, so I don’t overpay—whether I’m watching or not.

And that’s how I trade smarter.

The truth is, we do use other platforms—but only for handling smaller-sized corporate bonds.

For the first time, LTX puts us in a position to trade larger blocks the way that I like—regardless of the amount.

With its RFX protocol, I can bid multiple times to get the bonds that I need, even if I’m not looking to buy the whole block.

LTX is a game changer. Now, my dealer gives me looks on trades I wouldn’t have considered just a few months ago. And that’s a whole new type of market participation.

Join the market leaders who are taking the bond market to the next level with LTX.

One click connects you to your dealer’s entire network—so you can achieve the ultimate best execution.

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