Understand liquidity before you trade to achieve the ultimate best execution.

“We estimate that the market opportunity for this solution directly impacts 60-80% of our CUSIPs.”

— Senior Trader, Buy Side

“TRACE volumes should grow dramatically given how big of an issue illiquidity is in the current marketplace.”

— Senior Trader, Buy Side

“LTX is unique in solving the real problem in the corporate bond marketplace.”

— Senior Trader, Buy Side

“The medium-sized dealers need a solution; they are getting squeezed on cost and increased e-trading activity.”

— Senior Trader, Buy Side

“I appreciate the level of control the buyside has with the RFX protocol.”

— Head of Fixed Income, Buy Side

“We like how the dealer’s role is enhanced in the trade without being a gatekeeper.”

— Senior Trader, Buy Side

“What’s interesting about what they’re doing is they are trying to take the traditional distribution model and make it more efficient.”

— Senior Trader, Buy Side

“LTX is great and very intuitive, I have never seen anything like this.”

— Trader, Buy Side

“This is the most sophisticated platform I have seen.”

— Portfolio Manager, Buy Side

“That’s very clever, because it still lets your dealer control the whole picture.”

— Senior Trader, Buy Side

“I think they have some smart AI, giving you likelihood to trade and dealer performance that’s unique to each buy side counterparty.”

— Trader, Buy Side

For institutional investors, the Liquidity Cloud® will help you understand liquidity before you go to market. When you’re ready to trade, one click connects you to your dealer of choice. In seconds, LTX AISM enables your dealer to quickly identify the right customers that may be the natural buyers and sellers for any bond. Your dealer can then digitally invite those targeted customers to your trade opportunity. Using our next-generation RFX® protocol, you can watch bids come in as your dealer dynamically aggregates liquidity across their customers, helping you achieve the ultimate best execution.


  • Understand liquidity before you trade while minimizing information leakage with the Liquidity Cloud
  • Leverage a dealer’s vast customer network with LTX AI to connect with natural buyers and sellers

  • Aggregate liquidity from multiple counterparties in real time using RFX, our digital execution protocol
  • Achieve the ultimate best execution
  • Access rich post-trade insights to plan your next trade


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Liquidity Cloud®

Get a real-time view of market liquidity before you trade.

  • Search for actionable interest in a specific bond in real-time to know when it’s the right time to trade
  • Share pre-trade information for trades you’re considering securely and anonymously
  • Access every axe, run and streaming price to find natural buyers and sellers
  • Adjust the price and quantity to find the optimal LTX Liquidity Score®
  • Launch the trade instantly to your selected dealer and target natural counterparties to control information leakage
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Take RFQ to the next level with unprecedented transparency and control.

  • One click connects you to a dealer’s vast customer network of potential natural counterparties
  • Set your best price and watch as your order is automatically filled—aggregating liquidity from multiple counterparties
  • See how all submitted bids stack-up in real time
  • Bid for the bonds you want – not all or nothing – with multiple opportunities to improve your bid
  • Gain a complete view of where the market stands at the end of each RFX to plan your next move